Winter Special 2019 por Sylvia Dubois

Winter Special 2019 por Sylvia Dubois
Titulo del libro : Winter Special 2019
Autor : Sylvia Dubois

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Sylvia Dubois con Winter Special 2019

This great 2-comic book Box Set of erotic stories includes:CHICKFIGHT: Two girls fighting fort he same guy. Will Juliette beat the big, blonde Svetlana? What are the consequences for the loser? And what award will the winner receive? Chickfight is as exciting as betting on your most valuable ... thing.PUNISH ME: Sara and David are invited at an outdoor party in the garden of a castle. While David talks to his business partner Christopher, he notes that his wife is flirting with a black man. He decides to keep an eye on her. At one point, he goes into the castle and calls Sara. He asks her if she really was flirting with another man in front of everyone. She denies. He checks her. She realizes that escaping is no longer possible. She asks him to punish her for her improper behavior.Punish Me is the first book of Sara's original erotic stories. This full story includes the prequel I Deserve It. A bundle of two humorous and exciting stories drawn by young and talented artists.