Baseball For Building Boys To Men por Rick Saggese

Baseball For Building Boys To Men por Rick Saggese
Titulo del libro : Baseball For Building Boys To Men
Autor : Rick Saggese

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Rick Saggese con Baseball For Building Boys To Men

Rick Saggese has trained athletes for the past 20 years and has instilled in them the values and the processes it takes to be successful. This has been a game changer for his athletes not only in their sports career but in their life.Baseball For Building Boys To Men is about how Rick brought these values to life in his baseball clients over the years in his training. Learn these vital aspects that has helped hundreds of baseball players develop and perform at a higher level.“If you want to be sure your child is in the hands of a good coach, you need to understand what a well rounded coach does to approach to building players through baseball. I wish I had this book 3 years ago when I was first starting my journey for the next level knowledge.” Bryan Eisenberg - Best Selling Author"Rick Saggese has trained my son Anthony who is a college football player in Minnesota for the past 2 yrs. He is very passionate in his training and takes great pride in the development of this young athletes thus maximizing there potential. He has cutting edge techniques along with the latest workout equipment. He brings results! My son Anthony has excelled in his program. He went from an average HS lineman to starting 20 straight games in college at left tackle. This year as a sophomore my son was named to the All-MIAC team. He has made Anthony stronger, faster and built his confidence which I feel is the secret ingredient to Ricks program. Anthony is now 6'5 305lbs going into his JR year. He has maintained his speed and agility because Rick focuses not only on strength but the importance of flexibility. He is now working with my son Franco who's passion is baseball. He has helped Franco lose weight and become more confident in his abilities. His personal touch to his training is second to none and his passion for the young athlete is unparalleled in the industry. Our family Thanks Rick for his dedication to our kids and the awesome results he has helped them produce!" Anthony DeBella~ Atlanta Region Boars Head Distributor